Treasured Pets offers a one to one service individually tailored to meet the needs of your pet.
No-one can take over your role as prime carer for your pet but I do my best to continue with the care that you provide at time when you can’t be there.

I am committed to providing a reliable professional service combined with a friendly caring approach which my clients seem to appreciate. The service is provided solely by me so your pet will feel safe and secure and we will build a trust and bond between us. Should a rare occasion arise when I am not available appropriate cover will be sourced and, where possible, agreed with you in advance.

I carry out a free consultation before all work during which you can meet me, I can meet you and your “Treasured Pet” and through effective communication we can develop a service to enhance the emotional and physical well-being of your pet. At this meeting I bring with me a copy of my CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) check certificate which I renew every 2 years, my NTAPPS certificate, my public liability insurance certificate and appropriate references.

Being aware of security, my vehicle is not signwritten so is not advertising your absence to the local community or passers-by.


I come to your house at a time to suit you and walk your dog(s) from there. We would walk from the house for about 30 minutes. During the walk I will continue with any training you have been progressing such as road walking and general obedience. We will have some play time to make it a fun and enjoyable experience for your dog. If your dog has specific requirements I can also be aware of and attend to these needs such as socialising requirements, shyness or avoidance of specific stressful situations. On return to the house I will towel down and dry off your dog. Before leaving the house I will ensure your dog is comfortable, has clean fresh drinking water and attend to any other specific requirements.


Small animals of all types are cared for in your home on a daily basis at a time which best suits you. Small animals to include cats, rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, fish, birds (both tame and wild), hedgehogs etc. A daily visit to your home is arranged to feed your pet, clean out litter trays and clean and replenish drinking water. This time is also used to cuddle and play with your pet to provide the care, attention and affection your pet is used to.


While pet-sitting for your smaller pets your house is also cared for. Watering plants inside and outside, moving mail, putting lights on and opening and closing curtains etc can be carried out during this time to make your home look lived in during your absence.
Being aware of security issues, daily visits to your home can be arranged at slightly differing times during the day.
For your return I can provide a welcome home pack of perishable items you request so you will have milk and bread when you get back for that lovely cup of tea.

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