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My name is Louise Reynolds, welcome to Treasured Pets, the company to individually care for and treasure your pet when you can't be there. In 2004, as a very busy National Account Director for a Facilities Services company I was unable to find a pet services company who would look after my pets in their own home in the same way that I would. So I followed my heart and my love of animals and set up Treasured Pets. I have always been surrounded by animals the usual pets :- dogs, cats, rabbits, fish and then the more unusual ones such as chickens, ducks, horses and cows!

I have two pets - Maisie and Lottie. Maisie is a black and tan Jack Russell cross terrier who came to me from Battersea in Old Windsor. She has been a PAT (Pets as Therapy) dog for several years and she visits a Nursing Home in Burnham every month where she brings smiles to the faces of the residents and staff who greatly look forward to her visits. She has been to obedience training and also really enjoys her agility classes. Lottie, found me when she was abandoned and is a recent addition to my family. Now well loved, as they both are, Lottie is a home-loving cat who gets on very well with Maisie. Lottie likes nothing more than a wander outside followed by a game with her mouse then a lovely cuddle.

Picture of the Month
picture of the Month
Maisie - At The Beach!

Treasured Pets is NTAPPS registered (National Trade Association of Professional Petsitters). NTAPPS has a strict code of practice which includes methods of service delivery and protection of security. 

Treasured Pets is fully insured and maintains a good working relationship with all pet services providers in the area.


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